It came, it went. (And it’s all right) ;)

So, I’ve made a totally random decision tonight. I have closed the TicTail store and stopped offering readings for money. 
For some time now, I’ve been doing readings for people, at no charge. I don’t feel it’s right to change that. I can now do readings on a pace that works best for me, and allows me to be more focused on the person I am reading for. 
It feels AMAZING! I have been doing readings for friends and strangers for years, based on being drawn to them. 
I will only read some one if: they have personally asked for a reading, are over 18 and if they are not pregnant. 
It’s not proper etiquette to read for some one without their permission. It’s an attempt to invade some ones privacy and is just morally wrong. 
I won’t read for any one younger than 18 because they are not considered adults legally (there are no contracts, so it isn’t because I’m concerned about litigious types). Also, by 18, most people are considering their future paths (even whether or not to plan one). They have a sense of identity. Readings can plant ideas, in all honesty. It is not responsible to influence any one, especially the young and impressionable or the elderly. I will only read if I feel some one has asked in a mature and sincere manner (that’s regardless of age). 
Now, I personally don’t feel comfortable reading for pregnant people because there are two lives currently intertwined and codependent. I don’t feel I would be reading for one. And this goes back to the young and impressionable. I do believe with all my heart that unborn children feel the emotions of their mother inutero. She’s upset, baby feels it. They are connected. What ever is said to the mother can affect the unborn child. I do not wish that kind of responsibility. That’s it. 
This is not something I will do for anyone who asks. As I mentioned, I need to feel drawn to a person. I provide very accurate readings, especially if I can feel a pull or connection to some one. And I certainly won’t offer a reading for someone I feel is doing it to mock divination. It is their right not to believe as much as it is my right to believe. But there need not be any animosity in either direction. As a traditionalist, I was raised to respect everyone’s right to their belief. I ask the same in return. That’s it, be kind, be open and be sincere and I whole heartedly offer the same in return.
If you’re wondering how to ask for a reading, please send me an email. You can email me at:

Here is how the process works with me:  if I feel drawn to some ones request, I will let them know I would like to do their reading. I wil NEVER ask what your question to the Universe is. If I have done a reading well, the result should speak for themselves. We will agree on a time that works for both of us. You will be asked to concentrate on what you wish to know about at the agreed upon time. At this time, I will be starting to concentrate on my cards and preparing to begin your reading. (DO NOT send me an email/message telling me what your question is, that’s a deal breaker. I don’t want to know and it voids the agreement). 

Within 24-48 hours I will email you your reading. I say 24-48 hours for two reasons. The first being that I write the reading out by hand as I am doing it. I would appreciate a little time to make it legible to some one other than me (like a lot of people, I have my own short hand that most people don’t always get, so please don’t ask for a scan of my original notes). The second is that sometimes life gets hectic. Something might come up and I have to run an errand, help a friend with a flat tire or something else completely random and unexpected. So please don’t expect me to drop everything, I’m offering my time as well as the reading. I feel 24-48 hours for a free reading is a decent offer. 

Also, it’s just me. I don’t have an assistant or some one who helps me out. My husband does not share my beliefs but as supportive as he is, he has zero interest in readings or trying to decipher my short hand, let alone two finger typing it out. This is my passion and mine alone. 

All I ask is that if you feel my reading was accurate or not, you share your experience. You can share it by email directly to me or post it in the comments below. It helps me gage and further hone my skills. I take criticism in stride and I appreciate honesty. What I can guarantee is that no one is always right, 100% of the time. Also, personal choices affect a persons path. As each reading only covers the span of about 6 months, it could be accurate up until a crossroad in ones immediate future. But all readings, regardless of what occult peddlers may tell you, are for entertainment purposes only. Nothing in life is guaranteed. 

So there is it. There’s the reason I closed the shop and my public offer. Take of it what you will. It never hurts to ask. 

An It Harm None, Do What You Will. ❣

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Goodbye Dear Robin

Ok, so it’s been a while and a rough year… I’ve taken a step back from the inter web because, well, sometimes we need to in order to maintain sanity. But what is sanity, really? Are any of us truly sane? I doubt it. I’ve never staked claim on sanity, because quite frankly, the world is flat out nuts. Maybe that’s why tonight’s news hit so hard. Or maybe it was how it happened that hurt so deeply.

Goodbye, sweet, dear, amazing Robin. We all know I’m not talking birds here (why would I? Birds are scary as hell!! *a moment of levity*). I’m not sure how many of my readers have been touched by suicide. But I can say any one who has tried to save some one knows the pain of being left behind. Today, we are all left behind by a true genius.

If any one had asked me who my favorite comedian was, without a moments hesitation, I would have said Robin Williams. I grew up watching him, laughing and crying at his roles, opening my heart to his many characters. Chances are, you did,too.

But what is the absolute saddest and heartbreaking reality is that his family and friends have been left behind. I lost a truly dear friend to suicide on August 15th, 2005. Her name was Carolyne Newell. And she was so amazing and she just could not see it in herself. It’s always the amazing people, isn’t it? Our comedians seem to be the most tortured of souls. Yet they make us laugh. And no one knows when some one is in that much pain. And they won’t tell you, part of depression is feeling as though your own feelings are a burden to others.

Sometimes trying to help makes you wonder, when they succeed, if a part of them hated you for trying. But in those cases, you have to ask yourself, didn’t you love enough to try? If you did, then your eyes were open, and you have to take comfort in knowing they knew, they knew you loved them and cared enough to do something that might make them hate you.

And suicide is becoming more and more pervasive in our society. Our free society. Our society of glory and greed. We get so wrapped up in ourselves, we see children, young adults and grown adults being bullied. Maybe it’s because of their sexuality. Maybe it’s because they picked a bad friend who turned on them and thinks harassing, bullying or slandering them is something that gives the former friend control, some sick sense of power or that they are exercising some perverse form of righteous indignation. (I had a former friend call police on me because I wouldn’t believe her over some one I trusted more, imagine that! She even went as far as telling them I was using witchcraft to mentally harm her, at which point, the police quickly walked away from any further complaints).

Some people take things too far. Others don’t see pain in the eyes of the people across from them. Others still are the bully or “mean girl/boy” who think they are some how above some one else’s right to exist (these ones are also the best at playing the victim, go figure). And some fake friends even take joy in the misfortune of others. And I think the hardest thing in life is identifying these people before it’s too late. These toxic, hateful people are everywhere (and they are actually as damaged as those they damage, they just blame every one else and can’t identify this broken part of themselves within).

I also think that sometimes we get so bogged down with our own problems that we fail to see how far gone some one close to us may be. Sometimes, there aren’t any warnings. Some people are amazingly talented at hiding their deepest feelings of dread, hurt and their injured soul. And more and more souls are injured now-a-days.

With that said, with the eyes and heart of one who has lost (along with so many of you who have also been touched by the loss of a loved one, whether by suicide, natural death, succumbing to injuries, or health related death), I ask you do to something today that you probably think of often, but feel corny to act upon. Tell some one, tell every one, that you love them. Tell them they matter. Tell them you care. Don’t take your loved one’s for granted. You never know when one kind word can make some one feel 100 times better.

And maybe there is a co-worker who is a little odd, doesn’t quite fit in, or rubs you the wrong way. Or a kid at school. Or some one who lives in your building. Maybe, a person you see every day on the bus or subway. Smile at them. Smile at yourself. And know, whether it feels like it or not, there is some one who will be willing to listen. And if you aren’t sure, then make a call, or click this link if you feel alone, embarrassed, afraid.

I feel deeply for all those left behind. I feel even more deeply for those who feel alone. You’re not alone. We all get depressed. But the only way to feel alive is to know that the only person who really can change our lives is ourselves. And sometimes, to come to this realization is having just one person willing to listen. We need better suicide awareness information. We need to be kinder. We need to see others as real, live, full fledged people with feelings and a heart that may be breaking and who think that no one can see it.

Call some one. Talk to some one. Hell, talk to me. I’ll listen. So many of us have gone through the ugly duckling phase. Maybe you’re still in it. But you are not alone. And it’s a sad world where we have billions of people and even one of them feels alone. No one should feel that way. No one should feel the world is against them.

That’s about it for tonight. I’m spiritually spent (but don’t worry, I just need time to recharge). But I’m also here, even when I seem to step away. I’m watching. And I’m thinking about all my fellow odd balls who feel like they are alone. I’ve been there. Probably closer than you know. And I am thankful for the true, honest, and absolutely loving and important people I have in my life.

With Love,

Spread The Love

Ok, so this started out with Remembrance of The Great Robin Williams, but in truth, I never knew him, especially not on a personal level. And as his family asks for peace and respect, it seemed more respectful to address the issue rather one of casualties of depression. Peace to the Williams Family. They are on my mind, as well as in my heart and prayers.

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Poetry from the Heart 2014©

Once it was a love story,
Now it’s just a mystery.
What used to be all glory
Is nothing more than history.
Picking through the pieces,
Picking up my life
Insecurity increases
As does my internal strife.
Tears they flow
And I must go
Because I lost my heart.
Who would have known
I’d fall off my throne
And be faced with another new start.
I’m getting far too old for this
But for now I will just wander.
Forgetting any imagined bliss
Leaving me to ponder…
What is, what was, and what will be
Who knows, I guess that we shall see
But for now I dare not dream a dream
Because it just ends in tears that stream…
And all the while my heart, it screams.



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Thanks for the Hate, Facebook… **UPDATED**

Hundreds, if not thousands of Pagans, Wiccans and Witches are outraged as an openly hateful, anti-Pagan/Wiccan/Witch page continues it’s slanderous posts and open intents of violence.  Report after report is submit, and the only canned response from Facebook is declination upon declination.

Here is a link to an article from the CNN website (Thank you to RowanDark for reporting!):

I won’t give the page itself the attention it seeks by posting any links to it here (the CNN article names it and posts a link if you’re really that curious).  And I have also personally reported the page to no avail.  And although the page openly voices a clear intent of violence (actually stating all witches should and will be burned upon SUSPICION, not fact), facebook refuses to acknowledge Paganism as a Protected Religion under the Freedom of Religion Amendment.

With that said, I’m not sure what I find more offensive, the page spewing ignorance and hate towards ANY religious group, or Facebook going directly against the Constitution.  Facebook has, by it’s response and allowance of an open hate page, assumed that We are neither a true Religious Community nor under the protection of the Constitutional Amendment that is very specific that religious persecution is wrong & unlawful.

Maybe Facebook doesn’t realize that even the Military recognizes Wicca and allows our Soldiers to have it noted on their Dog Tags.  When our Soldiers fight for our Freedoms, it includes our freedom of belief.  So, what is Facebooks actual stance on Paganism/Witchcraft as a true religious philosophy?  Well, first of all, Witchcraft is a Practiced Art.  Paganism/Wicca are religious belief systems. The page admin’s can’t even understand that much, and their ignorance knows no bounds.

Aside from that, it is clear that the admin’s don’t know anything about Us, as they blame “Witches” for AIDS, their spouses leaving them, for loosing land disputes and court rulings or other even more ridiculous reasons.  Clearly, they just need some one to blame.  And that’s fine.  Blame the person with AIDS who you paid to have sex with.  Blame your ex for not being patient or understanding enough (or for not ever really knowing you.  I’m also pretty curious if getting AIDS is a reason why their spouses may have left them.)  Maybe they lost that land dispute/court judgement because IT WASN’T THEIRS TO BEGIN WITH!

If one were to go to Google or Bing and search Witch Burning, you’ll find a slew of articles about “suspected Witches” being burned all over New Guinea and Africa this year alone!  Worse still, New Guinea (being within Australia’s realm) as well as Africa both have laws against violence towards Witches, as well as violence against religious groups.  But maybe this page just can’t grasp that that means they aren’t LEGALLY allowed to go off half cocked and burn some one else, for any reason!  Hate is hate! And there is a reason we have anti-discriminatory laws!

So, what exactly is facebooks stance on our community of Mysticism?  Let me show you their response to posts reported where it specifically stated they intend to burn suspected Witches:

You reported Witches must die by fire.‘s post for containing hate speech or symbols.


Status This post wasn’t removed
Details Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the post you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t violate our community standard on hate speech.

Report Date Yesterday

Witches must die by fire.
Reason Hate Speech or Symbol

And when their page was reported:

You reported Witches must die by fire. for containing credible threat of violence.


Status This page wasn’t removed
Details Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the page you reported for containing credible threat of violence and found it doesn’t violate our community standard on credible threat of violence.

Note: If you have an issue with something on the page, be sure to report the content (ex: a photo), not the entire page. That way, your report will be more accurately reviewed.
Report Date Yesterday

Witches must die by fire.
Reason Credible Threat of Violence

As well as this response when I used the feature of reporting based on Hate Speech:

You reported Witches must die by fire. for containing hate speech or symbols.


Status This page wasn’t removed
Details Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the page you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t violate our community standard on hate speech.

Note: If you have an issue with something on the page, be sure to report the content (ex: a photo), not the entire page. That way, your report will be more accurately reviewed.
Report Date August 20

Witches must die by fire.
Reason Hate Speech or Symbol

Furthermore, here is a link to facebooks “Community Standards”, which specifically denotes intention or action of violence as well as groups that are promoting religious hate as against their “Standards”:

So, Facebook, care to address this?  Or is one of these Anti-Pagans working for Facebook and sweeping the reports under the rug?  I am honestly to the point where I would actually believe a conspiracy like that (and I’m not huge on Conspiracy Theories generally), based on their continued refusal to address the issue at all.

With that said, I am now awaiting a response to my most recent message which I sent directly to  Here is a copy of the message I sent.  And I will gladly post their response as an update to this posting once (if ever) I receive something back:

  • Conversation started today
  • Mala Moragain

    Dear Admin;

    I am writing to you today with the deepest concern for facebook’s lack of action in reference to an openly hateful page that is also defaming and making slanderous accusations towards Paganism. It is Unconstitutional and needs to be addressed.

    To date, reporting has done nothing but resulted in negative responses from facebook’s support dashboard. And this page is CLEARLY a hate group who has openly voiced their intention of burning Pagans/Witches if an opportunity presents. They have even made direct posts regarding how they feel witches need to be burned. I cannot imagine they mean this in a rhetorical or metaphysical sense as many of their posts are abusive and full of misinformation.

    Facebook may not be aware, but Paganism is a recognized religious group in North America and the UK (as well as in other countries such as Australia among others). It is protected under the Freedom Of Religion Amendment. And facebook is doing nothing to cease the hate speech and pushes for violence against us that continues on an hourly basis.

    The page/group I am reporting (which you probably know all about since hundreds, if not thousands have also been reporting it) are:



    My bigger concern is that even in accordance to facebooks community standards, these groups are pressing for hate and violence against Paganism (as well as Islam, another Protected Religion).

    Specifically, under Violence and Threats: You may not credibly threaten others, or organize acts of real-world violence. Organizations with a record of terrorist or violent criminal activity are not allowed to maintain a presence on our site. We also prohibit promoting, planning or celebrating any of your actions if they have, or could, result in financial harm to others, including theft and vandalism.

    As well as under Hate Speech: While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices, we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.

    If I went as far as to consider this bullying, it would fall under “We allow users to speak freely on matters and people of public interest, but take action on all reports of abusive behavior directed at private individuals. Repeatedly targeting other users with unwanted friend requests or messages is a form of harassment.” Or is threatening to burn people not an open intent to commit an act of violence, targeted at a religious group? Does one of my faith need to be physically burned or beaten for facebook to take this issue seriously?

    What’s more, we (Pagans/Witches) are taking this to the media and have begun a protest. We will withdraw our support for facebook (there are other social media sites and many of us utilize them as well as facebook, but why use a site that has no concern for our welfare, well being, safety, or our protected Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion?).

    This is an issue. It’s not some joke that being passed around callously or without thought. It was created with the sole intent to cause us to worry for our safety. And if I cannot feel safe being open in my beliefs as other religions do, then why should I continue using facebook? Also, being a direct violation against our Constitutional Rights will eventually become a class action law suit against facebook for not adhering to your own Community Standards within your Terms of Service. I have contacted a lawyer who is already drafting the paperwork for Unconstitutional Behavior/Allowing Harassment and Threats of Violence (and so have many others). Should facebook be unable to resolve this issue (not just of mine, but of many other Pagans and Witches), then we will be left no choice to make a legal issue of this as well as keeping the media, such as CNN up to date on the lack of action and failure to respond to our very reasonable request.

    And I think the worst part of this is the fact that if any Pagan’s created a page along the lines of “I Hate Jesus” or “Down With Jews” (examples only, many of us have the utmost respect for ALL religions, which is actually part of what TRUE Paganism is), it would have been shut down from the moment of the first report from an offended person. So, why should this page receive special treatment and be allowed to voice misinformation, direct lies, and a clear ignorance toward our belief system?

    I look forward to a response that suggests some sort of reasonable solution. And I will continue to write every day until this is address properly, the way you would address a Pagan group or page that was spreading the words of hatred based on religion.


    Please feel free to check back for the update with their response.  Also, if you feel compelled to write to, then know that your support is appreciated.

    I will close this lengthy blog here (this is even long for ME!).  Thank you for reading, and thank you deeply for any support you may choose to lend to this cause.

    Brightest Blessings,

    Mala Moragain


    (wow, didn’t take as long as I had feared it would!)

    1.  First and foremost, I am deeply sorry as I saw this morning that several e-mail notifications had been sent out about edits to the page.  That was my mistake and I am deeply and truly sorry if any one had been e-mail bombed from it!

    2.  The offending have been removed!!!  Happy Freakin Day!!!  Thank you to any one (every one) here who lent your time, efforts and support to reporting them! It was a bit of work, but worth every effort!!! Apparently, my Protest event is gone too, in case any one was looking for it! 😀 But that’s fine!  It would have been removed anyway since we accomplished our goal! (Although, I do wish I had friended more people from the event.  You all brightened my existence with your posts and conversations!)

    THANK YOU to every single person who, like myself and so many others, spent countless and tedious hours writing to facebook, and reporting the page and individual posts, as well as spreading the word about their hate page and their hate group! When we are all able to work towards the same cause, we can accomplish anything! ❤

    3.  While other people did receive some form of notification about the removal of the page (I believe via the Facebook Support Dashboard), I have yet to receive an actual response from Facebook. But, I won’t sweat it.  Mission accomplished!!!  And this means people may actually begin to understand that Paganism, Wicca and the art of Witchcraft will be recognized and protected in the future!

    Lastly, I was deeply touched by every one who read my blog, joined my event and offered support (emotionally & by efforts) as well as aiding in reporting the page/group and their posts.  I did have many friends and family who also supported the cause even though they are of various other religious backgrounds (Catholicism, Protestant, Presbyterian, Baptist, Judaism, Buddhist, Hindi and other Religions).  The support across the board was unprecedented!  And as they were more supportive than I could have ever hoped or expected! I hope they are aware I would also lend my every efforts to protecting any religion from persecution!

    THANK YOU!!!!!  ❤

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Super Killer Robots – Rest In Peace Sugar Shane

Super Killer Robots – Rest In Peace Sugar Shane

Ok, so unless you’re from Buffalo, NY and in the local band “know” you may not have heard of the Super Killer Robots.  Well, here’s your chance!  I highly encourage you to take a listen and even buy some of their songs from this link!  You can even check out their facebook page here:

I know, my thing has never really been promotion or anything.  And normally, I stray away from saying “check this out” or “check that out”.  I figure most people know what they like and how to find more of what they like without any help from wordy little me.

But, I’m promoting this for one simple reason, in Memoriam.  Shane the drummer, aka Sugar Shane, was some one a lot of my friends and I grew up with.  In fact, he shared his birthday with my daughter.  He was a lively, untamable, amazing drummer with big dreams and a bigger heart.  Although, I do admit, I’m speaking more of the teenager I knew rather than the man he became.  In truth, we grew apart many, many years ago.  But he had impacted my life and helped me find the person I am now. 

Shane leaves behind many family and friends as well as some beautiful children.  He was truly a musician at heart and will be deeply missed by not just me or his friends and family, but the Band Community of Western New York.  He was well known and well liked by those people whose life he touched. 

I was saddened to hear of his passing.  I was even more sad to hear that there hadn’t been an obituary formally posted.  (Or maybe one had been posted and missed it, I am in another country, let alone another city).

But to Shane, to his family and children, to his friends and loved one’s, he will be deeply missed and forever kept within our hearts, on our minds and in our prayers to the Band Gods that be!  He is rockin it out with the best of them now.  So, for Shane, please take a listen to the music provided on this link.  Take a moment to hear his drumming on each track, to let it roll over you and form it’s own rhythm within you.  And while your listening, feel free to crack a smile, crack a beer, and show some love to an extraordinary person who has passed on to await us all in the ever after.

Rest In Peace Sugar Shane, for you are already missed.

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Deep in thought kind of night…

So, the past month has been trying to say the least.  And it’s got me thinking.  I know I am by far and wide certainly not the only person who has troubles.  But what to do when they start to over take me?  Well, that’s simple.  I write.  Which brings me here tonight.

Something I believe is part of our nature is compassion and a sense of community.  I truly enjoy community events, being a part of the larger whole, a small wheel in the cogs.  It’s all good and I really do enjoy it. 

But, the past week I’ve been hostage to our Hobbit Hole, hobbled and weakened by my own fragility.  Yeah, I got issues!  The secret’s out!  Anyway, I stubbed my ankle (it’s the most efficient description of what I managed to do to myself, all while walking a normal pace, trying to stay a bit healthy in a beloved junk food world) so I’ve had to keep off it.  It happens to the best of us.

So, that means I got a lot more thinking time, planning time, me time, writing time.  All I had this week was time.  So, of course, I plugged in when I could and did a whole lot of reading.  And that just reinforced what I already knew.  And it still makes me a bit sad at the realization of the world (it does that every time realization sets in, I’m afraid).

Most people who know me know I’m Pagan.  If you didn’t know, you do now. It’s not something I hide, and I am open about it for one simple reason.  If some of us aren’t open, who will pave the way for others to come out and feel safe and protected?  Some one must lead, set the example, so to speak.  And that’s what I always try to do.  And more often than not, especially with people who I am new to, I keep my religious beliefs to myself.  I don’t believe that any true religion needs any one else pushing it.  I don’t like people pushing their beliefs on me, so I won’t push mine on them. 

And this past week, during my perusal surf of the net, I saw and read so much on violence that centered around religion.  It’s really sad.  I mean, I can’t help but wonder why any one would or could commit any form of violence under the guise of religion.  I mean, spirituality on the whole implies we honor spirit, even those still attached to bodies, up and out there walking around.  And isn’t the idea of religion the complete opposite of violence?  Religion heralds life and the mysteries of the world and universe around us, doesn’t it?  What God, Goddess, Gods would ever condone hurting some one for any reason, let alone because they have a different spiritual philosophy?  Even as a Pagan, some one who embraces the chaos of life, I would never be bothered to sink beneath the moral lines of good character to bring real harm to someone else because of their religion!  And I certainly don’t hate any one else’s religion because there is a very good chance that I share some morals, values and beliefs of their faith.  That’s kind of part of Paganism, we incorporate other beliefs into our own (and often times, other religions have built themselves on Pagan practices and beliefs).  I won’t even bother to knit pick over that, because essentially, it should bring us together even more so.

So, I guess in my pain med induced week of forced recuperation and isolation (with the exception of digital means of socialization), I’ve seen enough to be momentarily sour and bitter at the thought that we are still so small socially that we, as a people, are unable to overcome each others differences and embrace our similarities instead of pointing out each others flaws.  It’s been a sorry week in that respect.  And although it’s spurred my pen into a flurry of movement, and it’s pressed me to unplug for a bit when these disappointing realizations have taken over, I guess it has done something positive.  It’s reminded me that those of us who are openly Pagan are, hopefully, positively representing our faith. 

Yet still people hear the terms Pagan, Wiccan, Heathen, Witch and the like and they still fear, or are ignorant.  They still don’t see how similar we all really are.  They are incapable of understanding that all paths lead to the same center.  And all we can do is represent.

We need more voices.  We need more bodies to stand with heads held high.  We need more authors, journalists, photographers, newscasters, teachers, parents ad infinitum to know what it is Paganism is truly about.  We need to educate people on Earth Based Beliefs.  We need to be honest, polite and proud. 

But we don’t need to shove it in people’s faces.  We don’t need to make threats of hexes or woe for those who don’t respect us, because in truth, they are probably ignorant and never learned any better.  So, we need to give education, information, be positive influences in our communities.  Because if we are not proud of our own actions then how can we ever hope to be represented in the light of truth?  Let’s stop giving ammo and start giving hope.

Thank you all for reading.  Each and every view is always appreciated.

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Paying it forward!

Ok, so I know my posts have been a bit sporadic lately. Since Christmas, a lot has been going on.  Between family antics, my writing (offline), and recently getting an opportunity to volunteer on set of Big Brother Canada, it’s been hectic to say the least.  There’s been highlights and low lights to all of the things going on, but nothing that doesn’t make me a better person with every challenge life throws at me.

So, one of the highlights was getting to see Trevor Boris this past week!!!  I’m not sure if you have ever heard of him, but he is only my most favorite Canadian Comic, EVER!  My next favorite Canadian Comic would have to be Caroline Rhea.  Anyway, I totally wanted to koala him right there on the spot!  Just run, jump and wrap around his unsuspecting body and hug the living hell out of him!  (Thank you Ian and Joe for reigning me in!!) So, I only got to stalk him with my eyes every chance available!  Mind you, I’m married, and I am just SO not his type, but that’s ok!  I don’t need to be loved back, and celebrity crushes are pretty rare for me, but I have been on the film scene enough to know it’s certainly nothing personal. He just lights up my world without even knowing it!

On another note, the lowlights abound.  It seems as though since Christmas, a lot of people I know are facing serious health issues.  Some more so than others, of course, but all touching my heart just the same.

My Mother is my best friend and she has been facing some health issues.  Nothing life threatening, thankfully, but frustrating enough to make her feel off her game.  My mother is an independent woman. She is not used to having to ask some one to help her with much. Not that if she needed help, she wouldn’t be the first to hand an order off (she’s nice about it!) but I am always quick to help because she rarely asks for it, so it must be important. And my Father, well, he’s a pretty amazing man!  He’s got a great sense of humor (that may be subject to perspective, however, I think he rocks), he’s the most patient man I have ever met, and he is kind hearted. Lately, he has turned into Super Dad!   It’s truly inspiring and impressive!

On another note, some one who has brightened my life in her own way, through makeup, is about to face something few of us ever will. Tomorrow, on March 5th, she is going in to have a tumor removed from her brain (which she has nicknamed Horatio). Over the last month, she has shown such strength, such determination, such honesty that reminds me why I keep coming back to her company for my makeup needs.  I love the makeup, I mean, I LOVE it, but Vivi, well, she brings me back time and time again with her sparkling (maybe she would prefer Glittery) personality, sense of humor and strength in the face of adversity.  This past month, she has continued to work her home business, preparing for her hiatus.  She probably hasn’t taken enough time for herself, to prepare (mentally as well as emotionally) for her upcoming surgery because she truly IS her business. She has crazy determination going for her, the likes of which you rarely see.  Aside from my own Mom, I can’t say I’ve seen such dedication.  And while getting ready for her impending surgery, getting out all her orders, and everything else like the regular doctor appointments, maintaining her sites and every thing else, she has also had her share of haters trying to take her down piece by piece.  This woman is a warrior!

Now, I have had some amazing conversations with Vivi, and no, they were not about makeup, but about life in general.  And I could only wish more people made an effort to get to know her, they would be better people for it.

So, after getting to know Vivi, falling in love with more than just the makeup, but the creator of my new addiction as well, more than anything, I just want to help. So, I’m doing something I have never done before.  I created a fundrazer! Now, she was really hoping for sales to help pay for her expenses, and a lot of us ordered what we could (special Thank You to my hubby who was very generous). But I was thinking about it and couldn’t help but wonder, when she goes on hiatus, and she’s not able to work, how were the bills getting paid?  Like most people know, this world takes 2 incomes, sometimes more. She has a wonderful hubby, herself.  He works and they do have benefits. But insurance only covers so much, there is ALWAYS a deductible. And if you have ever had a surgery, planned or otherwise, you know that you still wind up with a LOT to pay in the aftermath, whether you have insurance or not. Then there’s the prescriptions she needs and will need, physical therapy, and so much more that she may might require as time goes on. And few people can plan for EVERYTHING.

I did the one small thing I knew I could, I started a fundraiser for her.  I had her paypal e-mail from previous orders, so I set it up to go directly to her. Then, I created a page through I’m posting it on all my pages, of course.  And I have been posting the link in some of the groups I’m associated with (with permission only, we would prefer donations from people who honestly wish to help, not just trying to get cash every where possible).  And I know not every one can afford to make a donation, but you can still help, just by sharing the link.  I truly believe that when people care, when they are empathetic, can relate, they will gladly help if they can. So, with that said, I ask that you help to pay it forward, show a little of that milk of human kindness, and help any way you may be able.

I began this challenge on January 30th, 2013.  So far, we have been able to raise: $195.00 for Vivi’s expenses!  I did put in a goal of $2000, but that was just a guesstimate on my end. I couldn’t personally say how much this may cost in the long run, so just keep in mind that every little bit helps.  Vivi’s site’s will be maintained by her husband while she is out and on the mend.  So, if you have any questions (please keep them reasonable), you can ask via her facebook page:  You can feel free to like to page while you are there, too!  I know Vivi will be very happy for any and all support people offer! And in a few short months, take some time to get to know her!

Well, I think I’ve gushed enough for one sitting.  So, I will leave off with a quick reminder there is something on the horizon!  As I mentioned in a previous blog, I will be posting a chapter very soon!  I’m also still trying to work on some form of newsletter feature for my blog.  I gladly take pointers!  😉  So, chapter to be posted with even numbered chapters to be released via newsletter!  All criticism is welcomed!

So, have a great day, stay healthy, and appreciate something small today!  And never forget to give out random acts of kindness whenever possible!

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Sorry Fox & Friends, but it’s on…

I am completely inflamed by the Fox & Friends team who openly insulted Pagans/Wiccans across the globe with such ignorant and misinformed garbage.  From statements such as “Good luck (being a Pagan) in other another country”, or “Any religion whose biggest holiday is Halloween, I just can’t take seriously”.  And “Every Wiccan I’ve ever known is a compulsive Dungeons and Dragons player, or is a middle aged, twice divorced older woman living in a rural area who works as a midwife.  Oh totally, yeah.”

I was appalled. I was disgusted.  I was amazed that a news station ever allowed this to air! So, I joined my fellow Pagans and wrote my own scathing letter in response to their open ignorance.  And sure, maybe some poor intern who has to sift through all the inbound e-mails may have to read this, but when I saw that broadcast, I just could not keep my rage to myself.  And maybe I wasn’t tough enough in some people’s opinion, but I can only give my view of Paganism, how we do exist, how many of us are normal, “down to earth” people, who work regular jobs in all fields.  We are here, our religious rights are subject to the same respect as any religion that is recognized.  Maybe they thought they were being some obscure form of funny, but they were just plain offensive and I just could not find the strength to let it go.  So, I have joined the cause, the actual Causes page, the Facebook Group, the Twitter feed, I’m in to my chin and if some of us don’t stand proudly, and speak plainly and honestly, then soon we may find ourselves as hunted as the people of Africa, who are openly burning their fellow human beings alive under the accusation of witchcraft.  Ok, so I’m mad, obviously, and I had some choice words about their statements. I now post my lengthy e-mail of disgust:

SUBJECT:  Offensive statements towards Paganism. What you should know.

To Whom It May Concern;

I am so offended by the statements made by your Fox & Friends team regarding Wicca/Paganism.  So, I thought I would take a bit of my time to explain it to you.  It is clear your staff is in need of a truthful, direct education of religion’s that exist but are not their beliefs.

First and foremost, I am a Pagan (not a Wiccan, you’re people aren’t even aware there is a difference).  I have been a Pagan since the age of 15 (which is 23 years to date).  And I come from a home that began as two parents of different religious beliefs.  My mother was raised as a 7th Day Adventist, while my father was raised as a Catholic.  Through the years, my mother examined many different religions under the Christian umbrella and took me along for the ride.  I was exposed to just about every religion there is, Christian and otherwise.  I went to Temple with friends from school when I spent the night, I went to a Buddhist Temple many times because Buddhism I have found it to be a very calming religion. I have been to Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Baptist, and many other Christian masses and ceremonies.  Believe it or not, I’m even a God Parent to 2 Children, one of which is from a Catholic Household, and I constantly get her Catholic items such as her own personalized Bible, rosaries, prayer rings, prayer cards, and other related items.  I made an oath to be a good role model and to keep her informed of the religion her parents have Baptized her in.  So, I hope that shows you Pagans do not hate Christianity, as we believe all faiths are different perspectives of the same faith.  I have no hatred towards Christianity or any religion for that matter, I only have sadness that news stations would openly promote and put horribly ignorant misconceptions out there.

Part of Paganism is the understanding of religion, all religion.  It is not about rebellion, or casting spells, or being malicious.  I am not a spell caster, I do not embrace dark arts as a means of a shortcut to what I want from life or to torment people.  Because as an adult, I would think it would be clear to any logical mind that there are no shortcuts.  I would think it’s clear that when some one does you a wrong, they will have to deal with it on some level at some point in their life.  And Paganism is not Polytheistic because we think there is a God or Goddess for everything, it is Polytheistic because there is a face, a persona, for every situation or need.  And quite frankly, the Christian belief system is not all that different in that respect.  I direct you to all the Saints, which people call upon when a child is lost, or when you wish to find something, or when you need personal guidance.  Are you really so ignorant that you fail to see how SIMILAR all religions are?  We just don’t tie ourselves down to one of 3 persona’s (Father, Son & Holy Spirit/Ghost).  Or maybe, to me deity is a female persona and I believe women tend to confide in their sisters/mothers/female friends because of the female bond, so my deity would be imagined as female.  Honestly, if you believe women are equal to men, then a philosophy such as Christianity would be somewhat offensive to us, in their masculine beliefs.  But maybe, it’s a perspective that some feel comfortable with, while others do not.  You would not put out such misinformation on Judaism, would you?  Imagine that, your own Fox & Friends team making anti-semitic slurs against the Jewish faith?  That wouldn’t be prudent, yet it is acceptable towards Wiccans and/or Pagans?  I think not.  I think it is disgusting, disturbing and misinformation being spread by a NEWS Channel!!!!  You’re people need to be informed.  So, if you have any questions, you feel free to ask me if you don’t think others would hazard to answer, because I would tell you anything you wish to know in an truthful, direct and open minded fashion.

What’s more, I have actually taken time to learn about other belief systems, so I know and understand with some sense of personal education what I agree or disagree with in that belief and why.  But people hear Wiccan/Pagan and they think they can talk put of their rumps with no valid information about what they speak of.  Insulting, poor reporting, totally lacking in integrity.  I do not cast spells, but I believe if you focus (with meditation/visualization) that it can help you be more focused towards you goal, it can actually affect your how successful you are in achieving it.  That’s not magic, or witchcraft, that’s common sense.  You focus on something and you can do anything. Or are we raising children to believe what some adults obviously cannot?  We tell them: you are capable of anything, if you put your mind to it.  And that should be truth.  But if it helps to meditate/visualize or focus more on that goal, it’s witchcraft?  Are you serious?  Or, if I believe that we are all connected on a subconscious level, I would be ridiculed for my personal opinion by the people on television representing your news channel?  Or maybe, energy itself is what connects all things.  Maybe science is currently working to unravel that particular theory.  But if a scientist said it, would you really be all intrigued or would you be acting intrigued in order to not look like a barbaric, low minded individual, who places religion before science, before proof?

Maybe your staff hasn’t known of any Pagans/Wiccans in their circles because they are obviously not capable of being open minded or accepting of things they don’t understand.  Maybe they have met a dozen of us and these people never made their beliefs known because they might be ridiculed or persecuted for it.  Or maybe they did not want to have to deflect attempts of conversion?  We are more numerous than most people realize, however, not many of us are completely open, because some people still live in fear of being persecuted.  I know I generally wait a few months to get to know some one and how strict they are in belief before I choose to share my philosophies.  Some people don’t want to understand, but every one is worthy of friends, and no one can agree with every thing another person believes, friends, family or otherwise.  It’s not possible, it’s not our nature.  Are you even aware that right now, in Africa, villages are burning people alive in accusation of witchcraft?  In this day and age, some of us feel we have to be sheltered from the general public for fear of being openly persecuted by people who have forgotten that this country was founded on the ideal of Human Rights, the right to Freedom of Religion.  But apparently, that only applies to certain people’s beliefs, majority maybe?  Our forefathers should be rolling in their graves.

So many Christian beliefs are built upon Pagan roots.  The original celebration of Easter used to require the sacrifice of a goat and spreading the blood around the door for protection.  Seems a bit odd, considering Jesus was sacrificed, yet the Pagans or Wiccans are thought to offer sacrifices.  In many cultures, Christian based or not, wine is poured onto the ground to show reverence or honor to a loved one.  And showing reverence is not much different than showing our respect and offering our deity a show of honor, a small personal sacrifice, notice it’s WINE and not a cat (most Pagans and Wiccans are extreme animal lovers because we respect life.  It would be barbaric and anti-productive to destroy what we love, and certainly not something a logical individual or group would do). Yet, Christianity purposefully incorporated Pagan traditions in order to bring in Pagans, since they built all their churches in the places our Temples once stood.  But even Christians aren’t aware or would argue otherwise because they aren’t even educated in the history of their own religion!

And by now, if you have any clue at all, you may be wondering the difference between Wiccan and Paganism.  Let me take Christianity as an example to illustrate the small but important differences.  Just like Christianity is broken into so many different beliefs, such as Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, even Mormon, and the list goes on, Wicca is one of the beliefs within the Pagan belief system.  Technically, Hindu would also be Pagan, because Paganism is Polytheistic (Multiple Deities, embracing the feminine, masculine and neutral/transgendered perspectives) while Judaism, Christianity,  or Islamic are Monotheistic (One Deity, embraces the masculine perspective).  What’s more is, aside from allowing for many faces of Deity, Monotheistic religion is not all that different, especially when you take into fact Christianity and the Holy Trinity.  That’s three perspectives of the same God.  Yet, when I pray to a Goddess (who is merely my female perspective of deity, an imagined face for something I can only have faith exists), I’m a witch.  I’m not a woman, seeing religion from an adult female mind as a female force in the Universe.  Why wouldn’t I relate with a female Head of Spirituality, and what’s more, why SHOULDN’T I?  What justifies that?  Now, to clarify, within the Pagan belief system, there are many different branches.  Wiccans believe very much in being a positive affect on the world around them.  And I am a Pagan, which means I accept them as a natural part of the balance.  But I do not believe that I am only a positive affect on my surroundings, I believe life is subject to chaos, and we need people who follow positive beliefs as much as we need people to be negative influences. (With out sadness, how can we understand happiness?  And if I have never been happy, how would I understand being sad?)  I believe I influence my surroundings as a neutral force, I do good things (I very much enjoy volunteering for good causes and to have positive experiences) but I know I am capable of making judgement in error, which could very well affect some one around me in a negative manner.

You could ask my Catholic Parents (yes, my Mother has chosen to follow Catholicism/Catechism) any day of the week: is your Pagan daughter a good person?  And they would tell you: Yes, she is kind, is a philanthropist, and not only understands morals and values, but she is informed and respectful towards the beliefs of others.  They could also say that although they originally taught me to be kind and giving, I now continue to remind them.  One hand always washes the other, regardless of what my faith is or what your faith is, or their faith.  And we have a wonderful bond, my parents are my best friends.  I can and will tell them everything, they are my support system in life, and I always know they will give me good advice, and be patient and honest with me when I make a mistake.  But that also goes both ways, so we will always have trust and truth between us.  (I wish every one could experience the bond of my family as I have).

I do feel that there are some Pagans/Wiccans out there who are, in fact, purposefully misrepresenting the belief system or are actually misinformed themselves.  Some people use Paganism to rebel, some fall into it in hopes of finding some personal power as if life were a movie (which isn’t the truth, we have the same “powers” as any one else, the power of self, what the individual does with what they have).  People come to Pagan and Wiccan beliefs sometimes, for the wrong reasons, and believe it or not, that happens in ALL religions, not just ours.  While there really are others out there who don’t wish people to know or understand our beliefs because they are sacred, they are verbally handed down, and they are not for outsiders in some circles.  And I am offering you information solely based on my personal beliefs, knowledge and self education as a Pagan.  I am only showing you my personal opinion, what Paganism means to me.

I don’t demand an apology.  I would hope an apology to my community is offered willingly because your people are aware of the misinformation they spread and understand that they were callously offensive regarding a subject they were not informed about and had no business addressing in the first place.  I would think personal value of belief and the acceptance of Freedom of Religion would win out over their petty ignorance and they may offer an honest apology with true sincerity for openly spreading a poorly developed understanding of a faith that is not their own.  And I would encourage them to become informed.  Our communities are all over.  Google the local Pagan communities already in place in your local region and you might start to wonder, if there are so few of us, then why are there already so many existing Pagan related events/pages/newsletters/local websites or stores.  You may even find a coven or two.  But after such inappropriate statements, good luck getting many to speak to your station, it was wrong and openly meant to be inflammatory.

You have certainly lost my faith as a reputable news source.  I think your shows ought to be on a delay in order to strike out any statements that would be found openly offensive or a blatant show of ignorance while representing Fox News in any capacity.  If they can do it because of a super bowl half time show snafu, than your team has definitely earned your news station that same infamous honor.

Deeply Disappointed,
Mala Moragain

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Maybe I’m Just A Little Off The Wall….

Ok, so like many people, I have some seriously odd sleeping habits.  I prefer nights and for some strange reason it’s like I’m conditioned to a 36 hour schedule.  It’s as if I can easily stay up for 24 hours and sleep for 12 hours.  And it feels normal to me, but I know it’s not.

So, all this time at night, to myself, alone with my thoughts and bad television leads to some odd conclusions and theories.  Or, maybe it’s just my crazy sleep schedule.

For starters, as some one who believes in reincarnation, I wonder if maybe I’m stuck on some cycle from a past life.  And if there is life on earth, in my opinion, it’s reasonable to assume there is life elsewhere in the Universe.  So, if there’s life on other planets, and reincarnation, why would we be stuck coming back to only the same planet?  So, then I wonder: What if, in a past life, I was on a planet with 36 hour day cycles?

In my mind, even writing it here, it doesn’t sound completely out of the realm of possibility.    But then that gets me thinking about the way we live our lives, what we want versus what society expects.  And I can’t help but wonder why society has any right to expect me to live what they consider a traditional lifestyle. Maybe I was happier in that past life, on some distant planet, because they encouraged each other to follow their desires.

What’s even more unusual, and reenforces my belief in collective consciousness, is the fact that I know there are a lot of other people who feel a bit disheartened with life as we know it.  It can be stifling and inhibiting.

I don’t think people are meant to fit into an expected regiment of 9-5 life.  More of us than not are actually creative, emotionally charged individuals.  We don’t and can’t fit the norm.  We aren’t sheep or cattle, content to live out our lives in monotony.  We dream, we feel, we are high maintenance creatures.

Enter subcultures, right?  If your not one of the norms, you’re considered one of those “outsiders”.  And I am sure this started with the perspectives of at least 2 generations ago.  I mean, the people who would be my Grandparents age see tattoo’s, piercings, creative hair or clothes as being one of those crazy kids. But from my generations perspective (being of GenX), it’s normal.  These are our friends or acquaintances (or ourselves), the people we have grown up with, our peers.

I can say from experience, in my immediate family, I definitely stand out as “one of those”. Out of my parents, my brother and myself (I can even go as far as including my husband and my daughter), I am the only one with tattoo’s.  I have 16 piercings (15 of which are in my ears, I leave the last your imagination, but don’t give me too much credit for being more adventurous than I actually am).

But mine is the generation that really got to play with identity and personal presentation with a bit less persecution than previous generations. The 80’s are a perfect example of that! And I think, with my generation, with the mindset of an 80’s loving person, our hearts and minds were open to a way of life that was previously unavailable.  For instance, what in my grandparents youth was 24 hours?  Maybe the police station and hospitals.  But not a whole lot else.

Now we can do any kind of shopping we want, 24/7, even from home if we want. We are completely connected, through TV or computers or especially smartphones. And I know a lot of other people who seem as disillusioned with life as I do.  As if we’re missing something. And we are.  We have so much convenience and no challenges. Just 2 generations prior to mine, life still held some spark, some feeling of excitement and accomplishment. And I’m sorry, I love the game, but you don’t really get that even from WOW (well, if you do, then I envy you).

We have become a generation of couch potato’s because we can no longer get opportunities in our personal area’s of interest without an education or some serious experience in a field. We can have all the passion in the world, but if we aren’t the studious student, or have the right connections (or “their” very limited idea of experience), we will never even find our dreams.

The happy people are usually the one’s who realize their passions young.  When you know it’s a bit easier to throw yourself in.  When you get serious knowledge at a young age, you are bound to be successful with your passion. But what if we don’t find our passion until we are in the midst of our adult life? Most of us wind up feelings stuck to financial obligations and without any real energy to pursue extra curricular activities.

What’s worse is having to pay for an education, most likely while working full time to support a family. Even as a middle class person, there are times it is hard to make ends meet. There are few services out there available to help with these types of moments when you want (need?) to turn your life around.  And if we aren’t conditioned constantly to being an energetic person, then we stand even less of a chance.

And we always have a million reason not to make that leap of faith into something new and capable of completely destroying us. If we don’t take that leap, then we are lazy (or scared of failure, which to some of us feels awfully familiar, even if we aren’t necessarily “un”-successful).  Or if we take that leap (GERONIMO!) and fall on our face, we’re an idiot for throwing everything away to try something new an exciting. And what’s worse than worse is falling on our faces only to find ourselves in financial ruin for trying to attain those out of reach dreams.

Now, I have a lot of ideas on how to make this society work for “us”, the weirdo’s, the outsiders. But who would listen? I know a lot of people actually may, but a part of me fears we may be outnumbered by the norms still. But we all know, deep within, it’s probably time to take a real hard look at our society and what we really want from it.

I could go on, really, I could.  But the majority of me thinks that Maybe I’m Just A Little Off The Wall.

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Inspiration – House of Leaves

I’m not too sure how many people who read my blog have read House of Leaves.  It’s ingenious, through and through.  In fact, I got a copy for Christmas (many thanks for the book gift cards!!!), and just like the story, the book itself is actually bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!  It’s very cool, indeed!

So, what does that have to do with my current mood of inspiration?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Part of the legend of House of Leaves is how it was originally distributed.  Just as “The Navidson Record” was “rumored” to have been released to the internet in bits and piece, so was the original drafts of House of Leaves.  A very cool and inventive source of marketing!

With that said, and an idea in mind, I was considering releasing a story via the internet.  However, just as bloggers want exposure, readers want intrigue and substance.  So, yes, in part this would be a way to bring more readers to my blog.  But, it will also bring book lovers a new tale with the catch that my loyal blog followers would get first dibs on the story, as well as offering perspective.

My initial idea is to release all the odd numbered chapters right here in my blog.  I would then prepare a newsletter for my followers and release the even numbered chapters to subscribers readers only.

If any one likes this idea, please let me know.  I have an idea of the genre, but if there is something specific you would like to see, I am always open to ideas!  And any ideas used would get credited accordingly (for an example, check out any Piers Anthony “Xanth” novels, as he credits people in the back of each book for people who sent in pun ideas).

Lastly, genre’s I will NOT entertain are romance, slashers and pornography.  Just putting that right out there.  Not to say there won’t be any romance theme’s (probably more crimes of passion, without the gore, or a perspective on genuine emotion and how it affects the people they encounter), but they would be in good taste and I guarantee there will be no “throbbing manhood” piercing the soft virginity of this that or the other in some stable yonder.

So…… Should I get at least 10 comments, here or on my facebook or twitter pages, then it’s a go and I will start seeing about putting up a newsletter subscribing option!  If I hear from no one, then I may just do it anyway!  There may be truth in the old saying: The More The Merrier, however, a small club of few is often a great way to spread the word as well!

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