It came, it went. (And it’s all right) ;)

So, I’ve made a totally random decision tonight. I have closed the TicTail store and stopped offering readings for money. 
For some time now, I’ve been doing readings for people, at no charge. I don’t feel it’s right to change that. I can now do readings on a pace that works best for me, and allows me to be more focused on the person I am reading for. 
It feels AMAZING! I have been doing readings for friends and strangers for years, based on being drawn to them. 
I will only read some one if: they have personally asked for a reading, are over 18 and if they are not pregnant. 
It’s not proper etiquette to read for some one without their permission. It’s an attempt to invade some ones privacy and is just morally wrong. 
I won’t read for any one younger than 18 because they are not considered adults legally (there are no contracts, so it isn’t because I’m concerned about litigious types). Also, by 18, most people are considering their future paths (even whether or not to plan one). They have a sense of identity. Readings can plant ideas, in all honesty. It is not responsible to influence any one, especially the young and impressionable or the elderly. I will only read if I feel some one has asked in a mature and sincere manner (that’s regardless of age). 
Now, I personally don’t feel comfortable reading for pregnant people because there are two lives currently intertwined and codependent. I don’t feel I would be reading for one. And this goes back to the young and impressionable. I do believe with all my heart that unborn children feel the emotions of their mother inutero. She’s upset, baby feels it. They are connected. What ever is said to the mother can affect the unborn child. I do not wish that kind of responsibility. That’s it. 
This is not something I will do for anyone who asks. As I mentioned, I need to feel drawn to a person. I provide very accurate readings, especially if I can feel a pull or connection to some one. And I certainly won’t offer a reading for someone I feel is doing it to mock divination. It is their right not to believe as much as it is my right to believe. But there need not be any animosity in either direction. As a traditionalist, I was raised to respect everyone’s right to their belief. I ask the same in return. That’s it, be kind, be open and be sincere and I whole heartedly offer the same in return.
If you’re wondering how to ask for a reading, please send me an email. You can email me at:

Here is how the process works with me:  if I feel drawn to some ones request, I will let them know I would like to do their reading. I wil NEVER ask what your question to the Universe is. If I have done a reading well, the result should speak for themselves. We will agree on a time that works for both of us. You will be asked to concentrate on what you wish to know about at the agreed upon time. At this time, I will be starting to concentrate on my cards and preparing to begin your reading. (DO NOT send me an email/message telling me what your question is, that’s a deal breaker. I don’t want to know and it voids the agreement). 

Within 24-48 hours I will email you your reading. I say 24-48 hours for two reasons. The first being that I write the reading out by hand as I am doing it. I would appreciate a little time to make it legible to some one other than me (like a lot of people, I have my own short hand that most people don’t always get, so please don’t ask for a scan of my original notes). The second is that sometimes life gets hectic. Something might come up and I have to run an errand, help a friend with a flat tire or something else completely random and unexpected. So please don’t expect me to drop everything, I’m offering my time as well as the reading. I feel 24-48 hours for a free reading is a decent offer. 

Also, it’s just me. I don’t have an assistant or some one who helps me out. My husband does not share my beliefs but as supportive as he is, he has zero interest in readings or trying to decipher my short hand, let alone two finger typing it out. This is my passion and mine alone. 

All I ask is that if you feel my reading was accurate or not, you share your experience. You can share it by email directly to me or post it in the comments below. It helps me gage and further hone my skills. I take criticism in stride and I appreciate honesty. What I can guarantee is that no one is always right, 100% of the time. Also, personal choices affect a persons path. As each reading only covers the span of about 6 months, it could be accurate up until a crossroad in ones immediate future. But all readings, regardless of what occult peddlers may tell you, are for entertainment purposes only. Nothing in life is guaranteed. 

So there is it. There’s the reason I closed the shop and my public offer. Take of it what you will. It never hurts to ask. 

An It Harm None, Do What You Will. ❣

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