About Me

OK, so I’m a nomad who grew up in Western New York.  Although Lockport is my true hometown, and gets very little attention, I tend to just say I’m from the neighboring city of Buffalo.  I’ve lived in Tonawanda for a majority of my younger years, but just like with Lockport (AKA Lostport), any one but a local wonders where the hell that is and I always get asked to say it again…

I’ve been married since 2002 and my hubby and I have been together since 1999.  And every day that passes reminds me thatI never regret my choice in marrying him.  He may have a different perspective on that, though…  I am seriously high maintenance.  I LOVE my makeup!  And the hubby teases me abut it all the time!  But I can think of worse things for a husband to say than: Why do you wear that crap?  You look amazing without it (Goddess bless him!).

Oh yeah, I’m also Pagan.  That’s right, I am a big fat false idol worshipper, and I have every intention of dispelling the most common myths about Paganism and Witchcraft (the two are actually 2 very separate belief systems).  I don’t preach, but I do correct mis-information.  I have no intentions of converting any one and I expect that very same respect in return.

Hmmm…  What else might one want to know about me?  Well, since I am now getting to know the daughter I had when I was 15 (whom I gave up for a closed adoption for her to have the best chance she could get), I’ve been spending a LOT of time between Buffalo & Toronto, Ontario.  I commute every 4 days or so, so I can honestly divide my time between my own family and my husband and his family.  I love my Canadian Family & Friends.  I love my American Family & Friends.  So, if I can truly split the difference and get time with both, I will take it at any personal discomfort.

Well, I guess anything else about me will have to be learned as I write my blog!  I am always open to questions.  I don’t discriminate.  And I’m pretty open, honest and direct (sometimes a touch too much so!).  So ask away, comment away or just go away!  What works for you is fine with me!

With the above said and done, I leave you with the words of Apu:  Thank you, Come Again!


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