Deep in thought kind of night…

So, the past month has been trying to say the least.  And it’s got me thinking.  I know I am by far and wide certainly not the only person who has troubles.  But what to do when they start to over take me?  Well, that’s simple.  I write.  Which brings me here tonight.

Something I believe is part of our nature is compassion and a sense of community.  I truly enjoy community events, being a part of the larger whole, a small wheel in the cogs.  It’s all good and I really do enjoy it. 

But, the past week I’ve been hostage to our Hobbit Hole, hobbled and weakened by my own fragility.  Yeah, I got issues!  The secret’s out!  Anyway, I stubbed my ankle (it’s the most efficient description of what I managed to do to myself, all while walking a normal pace, trying to stay a bit healthy in a beloved junk food world) so I’ve had to keep off it.  It happens to the best of us.

So, that means I got a lot more thinking time, planning time, me time, writing time.  All I had this week was time.  So, of course, I plugged in when I could and did a whole lot of reading.  And that just reinforced what I already knew.  And it still makes me a bit sad at the realization of the world (it does that every time realization sets in, I’m afraid).

Most people who know me know I’m Pagan.  If you didn’t know, you do now. It’s not something I hide, and I am open about it for one simple reason.  If some of us aren’t open, who will pave the way for others to come out and feel safe and protected?  Some one must lead, set the example, so to speak.  And that’s what I always try to do.  And more often than not, especially with people who I am new to, I keep my religious beliefs to myself.  I don’t believe that any true religion needs any one else pushing it.  I don’t like people pushing their beliefs on me, so I won’t push mine on them. 

And this past week, during my perusal surf of the net, I saw and read so much on violence that centered around religion.  It’s really sad.  I mean, I can’t help but wonder why any one would or could commit any form of violence under the guise of religion.  I mean, spirituality on the whole implies we honor spirit, even those still attached to bodies, up and out there walking around.  And isn’t the idea of religion the complete opposite of violence?  Religion heralds life and the mysteries of the world and universe around us, doesn’t it?  What God, Goddess, Gods would ever condone hurting some one for any reason, let alone because they have a different spiritual philosophy?  Even as a Pagan, some one who embraces the chaos of life, I would never be bothered to sink beneath the moral lines of good character to bring real harm to someone else because of their religion!  And I certainly don’t hate any one else’s religion because there is a very good chance that I share some morals, values and beliefs of their faith.  That’s kind of part of Paganism, we incorporate other beliefs into our own (and often times, other religions have built themselves on Pagan practices and beliefs).  I won’t even bother to knit pick over that, because essentially, it should bring us together even more so.

So, I guess in my pain med induced week of forced recuperation and isolation (with the exception of digital means of socialization), I’ve seen enough to be momentarily sour and bitter at the thought that we are still so small socially that we, as a people, are unable to overcome each others differences and embrace our similarities instead of pointing out each others flaws.  It’s been a sorry week in that respect.  And although it’s spurred my pen into a flurry of movement, and it’s pressed me to unplug for a bit when these disappointing realizations have taken over, I guess it has done something positive.  It’s reminded me that those of us who are openly Pagan are, hopefully, positively representing our faith. 

Yet still people hear the terms Pagan, Wiccan, Heathen, Witch and the like and they still fear, or are ignorant.  They still don’t see how similar we all really are.  They are incapable of understanding that all paths lead to the same center.  And all we can do is represent.

We need more voices.  We need more bodies to stand with heads held high.  We need more authors, journalists, photographers, newscasters, teachers, parents ad infinitum to know what it is Paganism is truly about.  We need to educate people on Earth Based Beliefs.  We need to be honest, polite and proud. 

But we don’t need to shove it in people’s faces.  We don’t need to make threats of hexes or woe for those who don’t respect us, because in truth, they are probably ignorant and never learned any better.  So, we need to give education, information, be positive influences in our communities.  Because if we are not proud of our own actions then how can we ever hope to be represented in the light of truth?  Let’s stop giving ammo and start giving hope.

Thank you all for reading.  Each and every view is always appreciated.

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