Paying it forward!

Ok, so I know my posts have been a bit sporadic lately. Since Christmas, a lot has been going on.  Between family antics, my writing (offline), and recently getting an opportunity to volunteer on set of Big Brother Canada, it’s been hectic to say the least.  There’s been highlights and low lights to all of the things going on, but nothing that doesn’t make me a better person with every challenge life throws at me.

So, one of the highlights was getting to see Trevor Boris this past week!!!  I’m not sure if you have ever heard of him, but he is only my most favorite Canadian Comic, EVER!  My next favorite Canadian Comic would have to be Caroline Rhea.  Anyway, I totally wanted to koala him right there on the spot!  Just run, jump and wrap around his unsuspecting body and hug the living hell out of him!  (Thank you Ian and Joe for reigning me in!!) So, I only got to stalk him with my eyes every chance available!  Mind you, I’m married, and I am just SO not his type, but that’s ok!  I don’t need to be loved back, and celebrity crushes are pretty rare for me, but I have been on the film scene enough to know it’s certainly nothing personal. He just lights up my world without even knowing it!

On another note, the lowlights abound.  It seems as though since Christmas, a lot of people I know are facing serious health issues.  Some more so than others, of course, but all touching my heart just the same.

My Mother is my best friend and she has been facing some health issues.  Nothing life threatening, thankfully, but frustrating enough to make her feel off her game.  My mother is an independent woman. She is not used to having to ask some one to help her with much. Not that if she needed help, she wouldn’t be the first to hand an order off (she’s nice about it!) but I am always quick to help because she rarely asks for it, so it must be important. And my Father, well, he’s a pretty amazing man!  He’s got a great sense of humor (that may be subject to perspective, however, I think he rocks), he’s the most patient man I have ever met, and he is kind hearted. Lately, he has turned into Super Dad!   It’s truly inspiring and impressive!

On another note, some one who has brightened my life in her own way, through makeup, is about to face something few of us ever will. Tomorrow, on March 5th, she is going in to have a tumor removed from her brain (which she has nicknamed Horatio). Over the last month, she has shown such strength, such determination, such honesty that reminds me why I keep coming back to her company for my makeup needs.  I love the makeup, I mean, I LOVE it, but Vivi, well, she brings me back time and time again with her sparkling (maybe she would prefer Glittery) personality, sense of humor and strength in the face of adversity.  This past month, she has continued to work her home business, preparing for her hiatus.  She probably hasn’t taken enough time for herself, to prepare (mentally as well as emotionally) for her upcoming surgery because she truly IS her business. She has crazy determination going for her, the likes of which you rarely see.  Aside from my own Mom, I can’t say I’ve seen such dedication.  And while getting ready for her impending surgery, getting out all her orders, and everything else like the regular doctor appointments, maintaining her sites and every thing else, she has also had her share of haters trying to take her down piece by piece.  This woman is a warrior!

Now, I have had some amazing conversations with Vivi, and no, they were not about makeup, but about life in general.  And I could only wish more people made an effort to get to know her, they would be better people for it.

So, after getting to know Vivi, falling in love with more than just the makeup, but the creator of my new addiction as well, more than anything, I just want to help. So, I’m doing something I have never done before.  I created a fundrazer! Now, she was really hoping for sales to help pay for her expenses, and a lot of us ordered what we could (special Thank You to my hubby who was very generous). But I was thinking about it and couldn’t help but wonder, when she goes on hiatus, and she’s not able to work, how were the bills getting paid?  Like most people know, this world takes 2 incomes, sometimes more. She has a wonderful hubby, herself.  He works and they do have benefits. But insurance only covers so much, there is ALWAYS a deductible. And if you have ever had a surgery, planned or otherwise, you know that you still wind up with a LOT to pay in the aftermath, whether you have insurance or not. Then there’s the prescriptions she needs and will need, physical therapy, and so much more that she may might require as time goes on. And few people can plan for EVERYTHING.

I did the one small thing I knew I could, I started a fundraiser for her.  I had her paypal e-mail from previous orders, so I set it up to go directly to her. Then, I created a page through I’m posting it on all my pages, of course.  And I have been posting the link in some of the groups I’m associated with (with permission only, we would prefer donations from people who honestly wish to help, not just trying to get cash every where possible).  And I know not every one can afford to make a donation, but you can still help, just by sharing the link.  I truly believe that when people care, when they are empathetic, can relate, they will gladly help if they can. So, with that said, I ask that you help to pay it forward, show a little of that milk of human kindness, and help any way you may be able.

I began this challenge on January 30th, 2013.  So far, we have been able to raise: $195.00 for Vivi’s expenses!  I did put in a goal of $2000, but that was just a guesstimate on my end. I couldn’t personally say how much this may cost in the long run, so just keep in mind that every little bit helps.  Vivi’s site’s will be maintained by her husband while she is out and on the mend.  So, if you have any questions (please keep them reasonable), you can ask via her facebook page:  You can feel free to like to page while you are there, too!  I know Vivi will be very happy for any and all support people offer! And in a few short months, take some time to get to know her!

Well, I think I’ve gushed enough for one sitting.  So, I will leave off with a quick reminder there is something on the horizon!  As I mentioned in a previous blog, I will be posting a chapter very soon!  I’m also still trying to work on some form of newsletter feature for my blog.  I gladly take pointers!  😉  So, chapter to be posted with even numbered chapters to be released via newsletter!  All criticism is welcomed!

So, have a great day, stay healthy, and appreciate something small today!  And never forget to give out random acts of kindness whenever possible!

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