Super Killer Robots – Rest In Peace Sugar Shane

Ok, so unless you’re from Buffalo, NY and in the local band “know” you may not have heard of the Super Killer Robots.  Well, here’s your chance!  I highly encourage you to take a listen and even buy some of their songs from this link!  You can even check out their facebook page here:

I know, my thing has never really been promotion or anything.  And normally, I stray away from saying “check this out” or “check that out”.  I figure most people know what they like and how to find more of what they like without any help from wordy little me.

But, I’m promoting this for one simple reason, in Memoriam.  Shane the drummer, aka Sugar Shane, was some one a lot of my friends and I grew up with.  In fact, he shared his birthday with my daughter.  He was a lively, untamable, amazing drummer with big dreams and a bigger heart.  Although, I do admit, I’m speaking more of the teenager I knew rather than the man he became.  In truth, we grew apart many, many years ago.  But he had impacted my life and helped me find the person I am now. 

Shane leaves behind many family and friends as well as some beautiful children.  He was truly a musician at heart and will be deeply missed by not just me or his friends and family, but the Band Community of Western New York.  He was well known and well liked by those people whose life he touched. 

I was saddened to hear of his passing.  I was even more sad to hear that there hadn’t been an obituary formally posted.  (Or maybe one had been posted and missed it, I am in another country, let alone another city).

But to Shane, to his family and children, to his friends and loved one’s, he will be deeply missed and forever kept within our hearts, on our minds and in our prayers to the Band Gods that be!  He is rockin it out with the best of them now.  So, for Shane, please take a listen to the music provided on this link.  Take a moment to hear his drumming on each track, to let it roll over you and form it’s own rhythm within you.  And while your listening, feel free to crack a smile, crack a beer, and show some love to an extraordinary person who has passed on to await us all in the ever after.

Rest In Peace Sugar Shane, for you are already missed.

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One Response to Super Killer Robots – Rest In Peace Sugar Shane

  1. malamoragain says:

    You can also check out their Myspace page here to listen to a few tracks as well:

    Or, check out their page on Reverb Nation:

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