1 Full Year

Well, on October 18th, 2012, it will officially be one full year, to the very day, that my daughter found me! And I have to say, this has been a crazy, yet amazing, year!!!

I have had the opportunity to see a lot of myself in my daughter!  Plus, she is wholly and completely unique, no matter how much I may liken us to each other.  I love her more than I ever thought possible.  Well, I have always loved her, but now I have an opportunity to know her, and love her more and more with each and every passing moment.

She has impressed me in so many ways, I’m not even sure I can list them all!  But mostly, with her beautiful, hypnotic voice.  That’s a talent we certainly don’t share as I usually get a warning form the local sheriff not to try and sing within any town limits, for fear of a raging stampede as the local wildlife may try to flee from the sound of my awful attempt at vocal music.  I am musical in other ways, however.  I play the violin, the keyboard/piano, and drums (I had to quit playing drums after a car accident where I dislocated my shoulder and hips, yes, all of them, when I was 16.  This also ended my 13 years in gymnastics).

She swims, while I dog paddle (I was a diver for 7 years, and believe me, it’s a funny sight to see a great dive followed up with a dog paddle to the edge).  We are both friendly by nature and have a deep seeded root to want to help the people around us.  We were both bullied in school to the point of having to switch schools.

I think our favorite activity as we have taken time to get to know each other is shopping (surprise surprise!  lol).  First off, it’s pretty amazing how quickly you can get to know some one while shopping.  You learn about their tastes, what they are conservative about, or hopeful to have one day and why.  We found so many more similarities as well as difference in our tastes.  But I think the thing that we love most is people thinking we are sisters, rather than mother and daughter.

Most of all, I am reminded how blessed I am that she found me.  I spent 20 years imagining, fearing the worst, hoping for the best, all the while she was having the same thoughts about me.

And now, it is officially almost one full year later that we were reconnected.  And every second I spend getting to know her better, makes me love her more than I ever realized was even possible.  And I think my favorite memory will always be the day we reconnected.

I remember she and I started texting right away, the very day she found me.  There were so many questions, on both ends.  And I remember the first question being: Would you be ok with a blood test.  I would have done anything for her that moment (and from then on), so of course I wouldn’t refuse one.  We both wanted to know for sure.  And then it happened.  Modern technology solved the issue more quickly than a blood test.  We exchanged photo’s!  And let me tell you, the resemblance was uncanny!!!  She looked just like I did at her age!  I was floored, looking at a picture that could have been a mirror!  So, we haven’t actually ever had that blood test, it seems very unnecessary.  She had the stuffed mouse I sent with her, and the letter I wrote (I wrote one to her and I believe one to her parents, as well).  As far as I’m concerned, those alone are all the physical proof I could ever need or ask for.

So, now our one year anniversary is upon us, and it’s a day worth celebrating!  And how better to celebrate than a blog post to commemorate the day!!!

I love you Joanne, with all my heart!  And I look forward to spending the rest of my life knowing you, loving you, and celebrating so many more days, holidays, joys and sorrows with you in my heart and by my side.  And although I may never understand how to be a mother, I do understand motherly love.

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