What people will do for money! :-O

So, Shawn was kind enough to bring home a paper, the Saturday Sun…  And I only got around to looking at it tonight.  Wow, it’s been a while since I read the Sun and I can’t help but laugh every time I read through it.

I’m not criticizing articles or staff.  Truly, it’s a decent paper.  It’s the classified’s where I really get my laughs.  No, seriously.  It gives me horrible idea’s that would probably work better then I would expect, yet again lowering my faith in humanity, and causing the recurring revelation of how stupid some people really are.

For instance, after reading the classified’s this evening, I was half ready to create my own horrible business that I fear would make much more money that it ought to.  My business would be:

Voodoo I Do – an advert placed in the weekly classified’s which reads: I do voodoo for those you wish to undo!  Call: 1-900-xxx-xxxx.  Then, when these moronic mental midgets actually call (seeking vengeance on another person by means of voodoo, mind you), I will personally answer the phone and yell: SUCKER!  Then hang up, all the while giggling at the $6.95 they just spent calling the 900 #.  In all fairness, this would all pay for itself.

So, while this horrible thought crosses my mind, I of course start in with the giggling. To my husband this appears to be an insane giggle fit for no real reason, which sometimes causes him to worry about me for a moment or two.  He gives: What already?!?

I read him the advert that started the whole process:  Hon, this ad is nuts…  Listen:  WORLD FAMOUS ASTROLOGER!!!  Expert Psychic & Spiritual Healer!  100% Guaranteed Results – Protection within 24h – Love, Health, Job, Money, Jealousy, Business, Children, Sickness, Enemy, Sexual, Divorce & more – “I can hadle any kind of problem” Expert in Black Magic/Private & Confidential – Full Reading $5.00

That is typed exactly as printed, typo’s too!  And I don’t know what I found more entertaining, the thought that this guy actually makes money with an advert like this, or the thought that there were really people out there willing to give money to a guy like this!

So, with that said, how could VooDoo I Do NOT work?!?!  Aside from the lack of morality one would have to have to post such an advert, to answer it says even less about a person.  What’s the old saying: “A fool and his money are easily parted”?  I think this may prove that rule!

(FYI: Voodoo I Do is actually a book, so I would NOT recommend any one try to utilize this horrible, yet possibly lucrative idea.  Seriously, just don’t)

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4 Responses to What people will do for money! :-O

  1. Lady Dame Mala Moragain the White Lady ni Avalon, Ruler of the Realm of Saint
    Lawrence, Knight of the Order of Twilight’s Hammer…

    Where by all that is magickal and sacred did you go? Been trying to reach you via email, phone, your husband on FB, You disappear virtually from sight. Email be back when you get a chance, please.

  2. Ken Walton says:

    Mala- — legally — and it is legal — you can put in the paper that reads thusly — SEND 5 DOLLARS TODAY — DO NOT DELAY TO -(address here – usually a PO box ) ——- I took this in a law class — as long as you DO NOT promiss anything or any service for the money — its YOURS — no shit !!!

    • malamoragain says:

      Yes, I know, but could I live with myself after doing something like that? No, I could not! I remember in the 90′s people used to send out similar style letters: If you send me 1 dollar (or sometimes even $5), and send this letter out to 20 people, and they send you $, think of all you’ll make! I hated those letters then, and I couldn’t in good conscience do any more than laugh at the thought rather than act upon it!

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