Uh oh, the rant….

Ok, so I’m on facebook…  Who isn’t, right?  I try to be very politically correct on my facebook for the simplest of reasons, I don’t push chaos, it doesn’t need a push, so it won’t get it from me.  I see chaos, I might smirk or giggle for a second and walk away, or I might feel obligated to say something direct and move it along somewhere, any where, else.
So, it was with a little alarm, and a lot of self control, that I put something a little controversial out there.  Mind you, I am NOT a politically correct person by nature.  I work hard at it, because society is immense and without a little patience and drive to want a healthy future for our future generations, I really do put my mind, heart and soul into being positive to myself and to those around me.  I have most often found, that when I need that same gentle reassurance, that positive re-affirmation, I find the pessimists in full flourish.  So, if I’m around, I will be the positive voice, I will reassure, I will help people figure it out, or just give them a shoulder and hug until they are ready to have some input.  OK, I’m on another rant from my original one…  So time for me to focus…

So, esentially, this all start with my friend sharing a posting on facebook.  Her post mentioned that some one stated they were not allowed to give blood because they are gay.  Now, as I stated, I am open minded.  I’m not easily offended, either.  And, most importantly, I grew up with a lot of friends, many of whom are gay.  I do not approve of people bashing gay people.  And most of the people I surround myself with feel the same way I do.  And for the record, if some one is anti gay marriage, or along those lines, and are in their home, that’s their right.  It’s their opinion, and I am no one to judge them or challenge them.  As long as they are PC in public, believe what you like.  But in the end, if it truly affected some one in your family, I would hope to see these people being loving and supportive (in a perfect world).  Because love, patience, understanding, these are the true foundations in the milk of human kindness.

So, back to the topic at hand, I started to look up information on whether this profoundly ignorant process be true.  To my dismay, it IS TRUE.  And I am disheartened and baffled by the audacity to deny something as precious as blood because of a person’s sexuality. I mean, they SAY they test all blood right?  If that;’s true, then what’s the problem?  Any one can have HIV, AIDS, HEP A/B/C, anything!  Nothing harmful is limited to only one sexual preference, and this is well known information in this day and age!  So, at the risk of controversy on my facebook page, I made a post that is one of those few and far between notes that I rarely like to debate about.  And below my post is the link to a Huffington Post Article on the subject:

Now, I am bit offended and confused. I know and love dearly, many people who are not exactly all for or all understanding of homosexuality. Ok, I never pick those fights. But here, in this article, is something I find personally offensive. We are in such crisis for important health related items, such as blood. We are in no position to get picky here. People need blood, just like we need air and water and food. WE NEED IT. But to deny someone’s blood because of their sexual preference is truly a disturbing idea to me. It fails my personal value standards of health and providing essential life necessities.

What’s more is this is such an offensive statement: We do not want your blood because you are a man who slept with a man. Cover your eyes, Mom. I’ve slept with a man, too! You’ll take my blood because I was born a woman! What’s the difference?!?! I can’t say I have always had safe sex (proof is in the pudding there, if you know me, you know what I mean). I can’t say I haven’t had more than 1 partner. Yet, my blood is ok? Meanwhile, my friend’s blood won’t be taken because HE too has done the same things I have? All because his preference is also for men???Like ANY ONE is going to be laying there in emerge, or in the OR saying: Hey! Is that gay man’s blood? Because I don’t want it!Like hell. If I’m in need of blood, give me the gay man’s blood! I’m a self-preservationalist like that! Seriously, I don’t care who you tapped, this fluid is as precious as gold in this day and age.But then again, these are very crazy times. We fight over the most minor things. We disagree about what others do in their own privacy. No one controls me. I am responsible for my words, my actions, the experiences I cause others that I interact with. I am a woman, and I am strong and full of life and experience. And no one holds me down or holds me back. And when I look over to any one of my gay friends (male or female), I don’t think of them as anything other than individuals in their own right. Sexuality does not make the person (unless they are one of those sexual beings, then kudos to them from my conservative mind). Regardless, the point is, denying any one’s blood because of their sexual preference is right back in the dark ages. We reserve the right to deny no one good health (in the perfect world in my head, mind you). And if we would give them blood should they need it (Gods Forbid) then we should take it for others in need.

Denying their blood decreases supplies of blood to children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, spouses, friends, well, basically every one. Yet we cry out for more donors every day. We need more! Please Give! If you have Type O, we really could use your donation!

Or maybe this is the new Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Either way, it has left me angry, feeling saddened that we, as people, aren’t able to move beyond such minor issues as the sexuality of others, and looking forward to a more understanding, more open minded society that does not ban essential donations such as blood from anyone.


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